Sara D.

I bought this palette a few weeks ago and the colours are absolutely gorgeous!! Perfect for anytime of the year and the brush is a fairly good quality as well. The packaging is pretty nice too and is small enough to take with you on vacation.

To me, this palette is amazing for it's price. In Canada it was only $55 and honestly thought it would be more considering it was Smashbox and it contained 9 shadows, 2 liners, a brush and a primer.

I would highly recommend this palette!! :D

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Marina S.
I hope It does not run out soon!

I saw this palette a few times before I finally decided I'm gettin it. When I used it first thing I noticed was the color pay off was amazing, but the fall out is awful make sure you put on the colors first THEN foundation if not you got a hot mess going on your face. which is why I did not give it a full five star rating.

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Kayla C.

such an awesome palette for summer! all these colors can also be used year round and compliment each other beautifully. the primer that it comes with grabs hold of the colors amazingly well. this palette is a must have!

Inesha B.
<3 favorite palette

this is my absolute favorite palette from smash box the colors are so versatile for different seasons and skin tones. it comes with a brush and my favorite primer for eye shadows, the primer works great especially for those with oily lids, I highly recommend this palette!

Melissa S.

I received this palette for my birthday and I really like it. You can use it to make so many different types of looks. It would be a perfect travel palette because you could make fun day looks, evening looks, and club looks.

Alli M.
Hubby got this for me

and when I saw the brand I admit I was a little hesitate. I was wrong! The colors are beautiful and smooth. Also many complain of Smashbox for having tons of fall out in their shadows and this one to me doesn't. I seriously love this product and the brush is pretty good too, Overall, I am very happy with this product.

Cheryl E.
Gorgeous Colors. Great Primer. Alright brush. Bleh eyeliner.

I have used this product everyday for two weeks now. What I like is that the colors are pretty pigmented and require little blending. It comes with a sample of their eye primer which I have in full-size. I prefer it over the Urban Decay primer and Tarte Primer, I guess that's just how my skin works.

Because orange is the it girl for 2012, I have to love sherbert by default (although I am in love with orange as I have a sunset orange room for 4 years now). In addition, I am in love with the Pacific and Safari colors.

The honey color has some pink tones in it. When I apply it against my skin tone, none of the yellow comes out and only the pink shows.

The cream eyeliners provided don't work for me as an eyeliner. I ended up using it as a base of color for the eye shadows. I would then resort to my MAC fluidline or various eyeliner pencils for eyeliner.

The brush provided contains one side for the eyeliner and an angled brush for shadow. I wish it didn't come with the liner brush and had another eyeshadow brush for a different method of applying shadow. I prefer the brush that came with my Tarte Femme Naturale palette.

Overall, the shadows are gorgeous and appropriate for late spring and summer. They even have colors that can transition into fall. I wish they didn't waste space on the palette with forcing the cream eyeliners on us. I would have preferred another three eye shadows and a pencil eyeliner.