Pro Starter Kit


Leonie K.
Great kit

Good quality product in one safe portable place. It works so well. Buying it is a problem so please stock it. The bag is wonderful for protecting your investment. It is a fun collection and encourages users to try different effects.

Lynda P.
perfect for on the go

i never do my make up at home. im always late so it stays in my car and i usually sit in a parking lot and apply it. so this smash box is so awesome bc it keeps my makeup safe and its so handy to just grab and go. i hate makeup bags bc after a few days all my makeup is broken. love the smash box

Bianca B.

looks very good. wish there was a way to buy it though. there is alot of things i'd love to start using. i have no idea where to buy this, so can anyone help please?

Jann V.
Big Fan

Handy, well organized and exceptional quality. Was gifted this by my husband for our anniversary. I could not have been happier with his choice.

Melissa R.

sadly this is only made for canada and the UK. I would love to have this kit since I'm starting a business as a makeup artist and I love smashbox.