Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio

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Hannah D.
beautiful shadow trio!

Smashbox shadows are so lovely! Beautiful colors, high pigmentation, and a variety of finishes is what drew me to this particular trio. Looks great on and can be built up!

Olivia H.
Best purples!

I stole this trio from my mom's makeup collection and it's possibly the best purples I have ever used. They're very light and blendable, but they are very pigmented. They go well with blue eyes like mine, and I'm sure other colors as well!

Tara M.
Absolute fav!

I LOVE this eyeshadow trio (Cover Shoot)! I tend to use the color Flirt a lot more than the other just because it's my favorite color out of any eyeshadow in the whole wide world! but the other colors are amazing as well. And they go perfectly together. It's a bit expensive, I belive I paid $28 for it but the quality of this Smashbox product is worth it!

Saw K.
liking this a lot

I bought the Telephoto trio. I don't have many eyeshadows and I really wanted to play with a smokey navy / pinkish look. I am pretty clueless when it comes to what pairs with what, so I went looking for a trio or quad and picked this one up. I'm a professional, so I can't pack it on in the daytime. These colours are buildable and I was able to sheer it out to my liking. I can see where it will also be great for evening. I have a Dior smoky trio that is ! This isn't as pigmented, I don't think, but it is certainly a bit more affordable and looks very nice.

Charmaeothman J.
Amazing and blends perfectly!

I love these eyeshadow trios. The colors blend very well together and are vibrant and go on smoothly. I wish they had more colors with this line though. Altogether, I love it! I have almost every color!