Photo Finish Lid Primer

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Jennifer D.
Too sticky and drys before you can smooth

Super sticky which works to keep shadow in place but with much stickiness and the fact that it dry so face if you don't smooth it in fast enough it just clumps. Many better primers out there instead.

Caitlin F.
Love love love love!!!

So I've always had a problem with my eyeshadow creasing and I could never find a good eyeshadow primer. So I saw a few people saying about how amazing smash box products are and so I bought a kit where it as like the samples of the fave primer, eyeshadow primer, eyeliner, mascara, and a lip gloss. And I fell in love with all of it. But my favorite it's the eyeshadow primer so I went out and bought the regular sized one. I highly recommend this product. It works amazingly!!!

Sarah W.

meh. it's not worth the money. it's only backed by the hype of smashbox products. definitely a weak product from them. I prefer my $1 elf eyelid primer over everything else.

Jennifer S.
Absolute crap

I received this product in the try it out box from Ulta along with a few other products. This product is so incredibly drying it makes my skin hurt. Ive tried numerous ways of applying it and all were terrible. It looks terrible, feels terrible and it doesnt even help eyeshadows last.

Sierra M.
A Must Have!

I'm in love with this primer! It goes on smoothly and dries extremely quick! At the end of the day/night my eye shadow looks exactly like it did when I put it on! Since I've started using this, I no longer get those irritating makeup creases on my eyelid from the humidity (and I live in Alabama so that's saying something)!

Boogie D.

I got this product in a sample kit...although I liked the foe foot wand applicater the formula dried out within weeks after I opened it...I wouldn't purchase this if it wasn't in the sample kit that was $21

Jordan S.
Wouldn't Buy This.

I got a sample of this primer with a smashbox palette I purchased. I was excited to try it out because finding primers that work is the best! However, it creases very badly. The creasing starts soon after the makeup is applied, which is why I would not recommend or buy this product. I was hoping I would love it, but it was not for me. Looking at the reviews, it does work for some people! I would sample it first before buying it though to see if it works for you!

Chelsea R.

I LOVE this lid primer. I won't go back to trying anything else. It's a little bit thicker but it dries fast. It goes on so smooth and since it's nude you can't see any smears. Once I apply my eyeshadow even after a couple of hours there is no crease from the eyeshadow. I use this product everytime I apply eyeshadow and would recommend it to anyone.

Laura V.
Hell no.

I bought this because I ran out of eyeshadow primer. It cost me a small fortune, it goes on super drying and then in a few hours my eyeshadow will crease horribly. I've gotten better results just wearing foundation on my eyes. Such a bad purchase.

Haze L.

It completely dried out my eyelids and irritated my skin, didn't have a very good experience with this one. Wouldn't recommend it but I am sure it works for some people.