Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer, Balance


Nicole D.
Great product

By far my favorite line of primers! I wish they were more affordable but I adore them, so to me they are worth it. They do what they say, and they feel so good on your face. They also work well with many different foundations. Typically I use this one, the purple photo finish and color correcting, but honestly I have never tried a Smashbox primer I didn't like! You will love every color/variety of this product they make.

Jerri W.
Where's the price?

I want to buy this!!!! I've spent the last 30 minutes looking for a price and how to pay for this product. I feel beautiful when I wear this product and I will find it one way or another.

Cameron R.

I bought this at Sephora about 6 months ago, because my skin is very olive and has strong beige/green undertones. Most people like it, but it's very hard to match TM's or Foundation to my skin color as most foundations tend to be either yellow, pink, or orange. I imagined the purple would help cancel out some of the extra green tint and it did! My skin looked brighter, and more awake and I looked much healthier. I can even wear this without foundation and it is like my skin but better. I took away a star because it breaks my skin out (like most other liquid Smashbox products I have now learned), and for the price of the product I wasn't expecting that. Bummer = \

Elana S.
I didnt know barney used smashbox

So i see this at shoppers and im like what is this. So i walk over and i swatch it thinking that the color isnt nearly as pigmented once you blend it. WRONG. Ok. My hand looked as if barney high fived me