Layer Lash Primer

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Kenna  S.
Smooths out lashes!

Such a good primer. Makes your lashes smooth and spread apart nicely, it also stops mascara from staying on and staining your lashes, which sounds good, but isn't. Xoxo~ Kenna 💕💎

Michelle T.

If you're tired of getting raccoon eyes then this is your solution! When I first started wearing mascara I kept getting "raccoon eyes." It's one of the worse beauty blunders ever! Then I discovered a drugstore mascara that was dual ended with mascara and primer. After I used it it all up, I needed to find eyelash primer and I went to Sephora and noticed only Smashbox had an eyelash primer, I purchased it and now I'm on my 6th tube. lol LOVE IT!

Miss S.

I absolutely recommend this! It's awesome. It really smoothens the lashes and makes it much more easy to apply the mascara. Your lashes will look more neat, it helps keeping them from sticking to each other and it protects them from any damage, too. If I remove my makeup, I barely loose any lashes... Before I used Smashbox Layer Lash primer I've been finding my lashes all over my cotton pad. So all I can say about it is: LOVE! I can't be without it anymore! I panic, everytime I notice that it's gonna be empty soon. Try it! ;) xoxo

Madai L.

I so enjoy this product! My mascara was so much easier to apply and didn't flake after. My eyelashes were separated and not stuck together like they usually would. Really recommend this product.

Boogie D.

I didn't mind this clung to my lash and gave them length but was clumpy and when I used my lash curler it left a film on my lashes and didn't mix well with my smashbox mascara