Full Exposure Palette


Anna J.
Not smitten

I really wanted to love this palette - beautiful range of neutral colors in a versatile mix of mattes and shimmers. Unfortunately it just doesn't perform as well as other palettes I have (Lorac, NARS, Urban Decay). The mattes in this palette are gorgeous with great color payoff but the shimmery shadows feel chalky and hardly show on the skin unless they're applied with a dampened brush. I wish I'd bought the travel-sized version of this palette to try first.

Joel S.
Beautiful color

Another great pallet that is great for night and day. Shadows last a long time and can be worn in many ways. Unique smoky eye effects as well. Buy 2 for later

Tamara  W.
Absolutely love this item!!!

I purchased the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette at my local Ulta. It was around $45.00. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and I am in love with it. The colors stay on all day (maybe because I use a primer, not sure) and I love the neutral colors. The colors are good for everyday wear, smokey eye effect and natural looks. You have my seal of approval on this product. I would definitely recommend :)

Danielle V.
Really Nice!

I bought this palette after a long debate between this and the Naked 2, and decided on this for the lower price. I think that the matte colors are very well pigmented, and while the shimmers' color payoff isn't as deep, it's still wearable and more of a light finish!

Georgia R.

I am completely in love with this palette, the colours are perfect and I love how the mattes compliment the shimmers. My favourite thing about this palette is the variety of different looks you can achieve with it, I love doing a natural day time look with the matte colours and then and the shimmers to glam it up for a night out, so worth the buy the pigment is amazing, the shimmers aren't as heavily pigmented but I'm not that keen on heavy sparkles on the eye anyway, overall I am obsessed! ☺️

Jani M.

I originally bought the palette because I loved the neutral color selection, and I also loved the fact that it was an equal mix of mattes and shimmers. The mattes are extremely creamy, and easy to blend. You can really tell how pigmented they are when you swatch them. My only problem with this palette (and the only reason why I didn't give this five stars) is the pigmentation of the shimmers. Although the shimmers really look like glitters, when swatching them, they seem a bit chalky. The color pay off is not there, and it's slightly disappointing, but thankfully, the mattes overcompensate for the lack of pigmentation of the shimmers. Overall, I'm pleased with this product.

Dezirae R.

Obsessed with this palette. I have used Urban decay shadows for two years now and I have finally changed my shadow brand for awhile. Urban Decay shadows are Pretty and shimmery, but I find them too powdery and chalky.

I just recently purchased this palette from smash box and it is amazing ! It's not chalky and stays on longer. And it gives a more distinct look.