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Camera Ready CC Cream

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Kevin E.
Great shades and undertones!

I actually got one in light/neutral and it's the perfect colour for me! (I'm shade 4 for smashbox liquid halo). smashbox is my go to brand when it comes to face makeup and it did not disappoint me in their cc cream! They have 8 shades so you should be able to find the perfect match. In my opinion it does hydrate, neutralize discoloration instantly and overtime and control oil. The biggest plus to this is how blend able it is and it does not oxidize!!The only downside to this is that it does not last as long as their foundations (about 6 to 7 hours) but its still worth it! I just wear it for everyday makeup and change up to my halo foundation when theres something special hehhe

Alex A.
Loved the way it looked on me.

I got this as a sample from an event I went to and the coverage was amazing. It had a very natural skin-like finish. I fit perfectly in the light/medium. The shade selection is limited which is disappointing, if you fit into one of the shades then I'd think you'd enjoy it. On the sephora website it says they're only two shades available (light and light/medium), walk into a sephora store to see if they have more of the shades available.