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Burlesque Beauty Collection


Saoirse R.

I got this set for Xmas from my mom. I love it so much. The eyeliner is very precise, and very black. The pen is very rigid so you can get a very fine application of eyeliner then build it up to make it thicker. It's handy because it doesn't get messy or smudge. Only problem is that the pen dried out after a few weeks. I'm sad about this because it was the nicest pen eyeliner I've used.

The eyeshadows have a little bit of shimmer in them, they're lovely! They're not overly pigmented but great for a subtle, delicate look. You can build them up to make them more noticable if needed. They definitely work well together, the pink and cream colours being my favourite. You also get a lot of eyeshadow in the pan, they seem like they'd last forever!

The gel eyeliner is a grey-ish colour. I don't use it when I use these eyeshadows but love it for a darker, smokier look. It's incredibly creamy and I think you could also use it as an eyeshadow base. Like the eyeshadows, you get a lot in the pan. I can't see myself running out :)

My favourite part of this set is the Loose Shimmer Powder. It's so so gorgeous! It's a pale pinky/mauve colour and very shimmery/glittery. The shimmer is very fine though. I use this for my inner corner or sometimes as an eyeshadow. One of the prettiest colours I own. I've even used it on my cheeks! You also get a good amount in the pot. Once again I can't see it running out any time soon.

Finally the Lip Glosses. My favourite is the pale pink colour. It's sheer. It doesn't show up any dryness on your lips and can be used alone or on lipstick. Alone it gives your lips a fresh, bright look. You do see the pink tint.

The other side is a slightly pinkish red. It has a tiny hint of glitter in it, but very hard to see. It's more noticeable when used alone on the lips. It makes your lips look a toned down red which isn't too over powering. I often use this colour with a casual look as it's not like wearing a very vibrant red.

Over all, you get great products and a good amount in each. I'm not sure this is even on sale any more, but I love this so much I just thought I'd review it :)

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