Baked Fusion Soft Lights

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Nikki Z.
Awesome highlight

I have used these on clients for a few years now and I really love them! I like that they have different color ranges and you can layer them without looking like a disco ball. You can also dip your brush in different colors or blend them all together so it's really a multi tasker. Nice to dip your eye brushes in it for highlights under the brows or cupids bow too! :)

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Myrna P.

Smashbox is starting to be one of my favorite brands now :) I am never disappointed in what I receive or buy from them. I love this because I am fair skinned and it gives me a great highlight. You get what you pay for :)

Katharina W.
pretty highlight

what can I say's just a very beautiful highlight, it's soft and has a good pigmentation, it's not pressed to loose and since it has a golden shimmer it's also great for darker skintones!

Pamela D.

I like using this as a highlighter more than anything, its a little pinky toned for me but the sheen is still gorgeous. It can still be a nice blush color, if you're into a shimmery color.

Shae E.
Love it!

I absolutely adore this highlighter, especially when working with darker skin tones. It is more of a glow than a shimmer or glitter which gives such a more natural look. It warms up the face so beautifully. It is the perfect highlighter for summer skin.

Katherine Y.

I've lived under the Southern California sun my entire life so after I moved abroad, I was shocked at how pale I had become within a couple of weeks.

I began using this product again to give my face some color and in replacement of a blush. Although I don't like my face to look ghostly, I felt that my blushes and bronzers (perfectly appropriate for Cali) did not work for the winter time. To me personally, it's a bit odd to see someone with a perfectly tan face in -15°C weather.

I felt this product achieved a perfect glow during the winter time. It wasn't too much or too little. It does have a slight scent that I don't particularly like but it's easy to ignore. The price tag is on the pricey side but I would definitely choose this over a MAC msf.

Shannyn C.
Nice & natural

This is a really nice bronzer. It is a light bronze color but you can build it up only so much. It has a slight sheen but no shimmer. I'm fair & it looks nice & natural. I don't look orangey or dirty at all.

Nadia B.
Best for Fair to Light Skin Tones

I wish I could use this product on myself. The glow it leaves on lighter skin tones is amazing. On me, I just look ashy and a little dirty. I recommend this product as a blush more than a bronzer.

Morgan B.
Too glittery and dark

This bronzer is very shimmery. All the shades in the compact have some form of glitter, and it's very easy to look greasy instead of illuminated. I already have oily skin, and this level of shimmer does me no favors. I look like a stripper when I wear this, and it's not a flattering look.