Sleek Makeup

Storm i-Divine Palette


Sarah K.

This pallete is in my opinion totally awesome. The 12 shades range from shimmery white to dark blue and black. The eyeshadows are also really well pigmented, I'd say they blend rather soft and creamy, besides the black and matte dark brown. This pallette is amazing for a neutral look, but of course too for various dramatic and smokey looks.

Victoria D.

I literally can't think of anything bad to say about this palette. Theres a great range of neutrals and darkened colors. It makes it easy to make a simple smokey eye, or play up a little bit of color without getting too intense and vibrant. The colors have great pigmentation to them, and apply like a dream. So velvety and smooth to apply and blend!

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Janel B.
looove looove looooove

I really enjoy using this palette and I continually go back to it. A variety of twelve shades; mostly with a shimmery/satin finish and three mattes. The matte black and dark brown aren't really intense, but can be built up and be worn for an everyday kind of smokey look. I've hit pan on the nude brown. All the other colors are insanely pigmented and blend beautifully.

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zsofi b.

this palette is fantastic, the colours can be mixed in so many ways and styles, they are very well pigmented. i could go on for hours about how amazing it is, but i'm just gonna stop by simply stating that you shouldn't hesistate if you're thinking about getting this!

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Sophie M.

I got is because I didn't want to use my expensive stuff for work, I use it and was blown away, the colors were easy to blend, pigmented and in some cases I didn't Use a primer and the colors stayed on 8+ hours. A great buy I'm very happy and pleased with this buy. This is my first purchase from sleek makeup def worth it.

Bylgja S.
a great pallette for a good price:)

I love this pallette, this and UD naked pallette are my most used eyeshadows!! my favorite everyday eyeshadows in this pallette are the first 2 in top row, and ofcourse the navy blue and the green one.. these are so pigmented,a little goes along way..and for the price i think you cant go wrong!

Rebecca W.

These eyeshadows are brilliant! The colour payoff is similar to Mac and Urban Decay. I really like the sapphire colour in this palette as i don't own a colour like it. I like to create a dark smoky eye mixed with the sapphire blue for a night out and it's gorgeous. Definitely worth buying! =)

Georgia Y.
Use on a daily basis!

The colours are gorgeous, can get soo many different looks from this palette! The eyeshadows are very pigmented and easy to apply. Is a very reasonable price and when you spend over a certain amount from the Sleek website you get a free gift which is sweet!

Joshua M.
Cheap, Accesable and Pigmented

Sleek's "Storm" pallete is one of my fave's from them. The colours are a mixture of smokey colours and neutrals, perfect for everyday and night outs or just to spice up a look you have already done. The colours are smooth and pigmented with vairying textures, some matte, some meltalic and some frost. They aply easy and blend like most higher end shadows although i will say one of them has rarther bad fall out, but that can be sweeped away :) Overall , deffinatly worth the money x

Melissa S.
Wonderful colors !
Photo of product included with review by Melissa S.

I am in Love with this pallet it has great nude colors, it comes in great packaging, with a nice big mirror to apply. i ordered it online and even though it took a pretty long time to get to me i was so excited when i got it ! i recommend this product to all!

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