Skyn Iceland

Glacial Cleansing Cloths


Sammi W. Team
a bit pricey but AWESOME

Let me set up the scene: I was staying over at a friends last minute and she didn't have my standard makeup removal system. I was wearing a full smokey eye and had probably way too much concealer/ foundation, so I was dismayed when she handed me these wipes as a remover. One wipe, and DAMN! this wipe is probably the best wipe I've every used.. it cut through all my waterproof(!!) makeup with ease, and left my face feeling clean and fresh. I didn't have a cleanser to follow it with, but really didn't feel like I needed one to follow up with. Definitely a bit $$$, thus why sephora no longer carries this?, but the whole one step process is amazing. Skyn Iceland... where can I find you now?