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Equalizing Toner


Krystal C.
This made me LOVE toners!

This the first toner I have ever used, and to be completely honest, I had to look up what a toner is before I started using it. Toners help to balance your skins pH aka Potential Hydrogen. Some people say toners help pick up the makeup and grime that your cleanser didn't get and others say it doesn't clean your skin at all. I have been using this toner two a day after cleansing my face with the Skinceuticals Foaming Cleanser. At first I didn't really notice anything, it went on like water, had a slight tingle sensation and never made my skin feel dry or oily - my skin just felt like skin. Then I realized that's what it was doing - making my skin happy and content. Just to be sure, I even skipped a week to see if there was a difference in my skin if I didn't use it - and sure enough I noticed my skin wasn't as "happy" as it was when I was regularly using it. It may sound like a toner doesn't do much, but I think that's the point. It makes your skin "normal" and therefore you forget that you used to have issues with it. This toner seems a bit pricey, but I checked out a few other toners online and for the amount of product and a spray top, it's decently priced in comparison to other top toners out there. I'm still on the fence if I will repurchase - but I will definitely have a toner in my skincare routine from now on.