Sinful Colors

Nail Enamel


Sam R.

Love sinful colors they are so bright and colorful and the application isn't messy at all. The only con about this Polish is that they chip very easily even with a good top coat.

Bry R.
Sinful colors is....

Pretty amazing!! I've only had a few bottles (I'm going to start buying more) and I've loved every single one. No super gross, nail ruining chemicals and it's well pigmented, barely need two coats and I haven't noticed excess chipping. It's definitely in my top 5 favorite brands!

Amelia M.
Love sinful colors!

I have never ever had a disappointment for sinful colors! They do a great job! I have so many of these and love them! I love the colors and just everything about them! :)

Morgan B.
Love love love!!!

These nail polishes are awesome. They are affordable, and they are amazing quality! They come with some many colors and collections I have too many to count! I have never been disappointed!❤❤

Elanor D.

I have a few of these shades and have loved every one! not only have they been the easiest nail polish to remove but the colours are so vibrant and suit every skin tone. I love this product!

Em S.

I have a couple of these and love them! The colors are gorgeous and it lasts me a couple days! They are a really good price for the quality. I would definitely get one of these if you haven't already.

Lili M.
Inexpensive but great quality!

I have tons of these and I got some of them full size at my local dollar store! They were so inexpensive and I expected crappy polish but it is def one of my fave brands for nail polish! Def worth it and for certain not anywhere near crappy!

Tonita C.
Love em!

I love SC polishes! The color ranges is amazing and the product itself is too! For around $2, you can have nails that look just as good as Opi or Essie. I seal my polish with Seche Vite top coat and they look professionally done. Mint Apple, Rich in Heart, and Nirvana are my favs!

Samantha M.

I really like SC polishes.. They are very easy to apply and the shine is great. The only problem I have with it is that they take a long time to dry out!

Mae R.

I love Sinful Colors! I actully own about 4 of them! Im addicted to the great quailty and their bettr then most nail polishes! Plus their not expensive so you dont have to pay alot for quality nail polish! I love and recommend it to everyone!