Smoothing Facial Scrub


Bec R.
Lové it

So awesome and hypoalergenic i lové it because most just make me swell up so i can only use perfume free❗️it also makes my skin super soft absolutely great.

Emily P.
Great Daily Scrub

This scrub is great if you have some acne and you're looking for a gentle scrub to use everyday to clean your face. It does feel cleansing and your face feels cool after you used it. It doesn't help get rid of all acne, and doesn't really help with blackheads. But I like how it is a natural scrub that is good for the skin.

Alli Rose G.
For the price, YES!

I think this was about $7 or so. I have extrememely sensitive skin. Combo to the max skin with slight eczema issues.This is gentle enough to not create more dry issues or redness. It also, cleans out my pores okay, I still have some blackheads left in my nose area. Nothing to bad. It smells like vitamins, which I don't mind. For the price and how gentle it is, definitely worth a try. Not amazing, but it does the job.

Elle W.
Decent exfoliator, nothing special

I really wanted to try something from this brand and since I was out of an exfoliator I decided to try this. It's a decent exfoliator but I wouldn't say it's anything special. Instead of using fine grains, it uses rice granules, which I feel are a bit too big to really get deep into pores, but it's great if you have extremely sensitive skin that gets easily irritated by facial scrubs. I don't think I'd repurchase this again because it doesn't cater to my specific skin needs but if you have highly sensitive skin I'd suggest giving it a try.