Sigma Makeup

Dry'n Shape


Melissa S.
Perfect for keeping Shape in your brushes

I bought this a couple years ago and I have been using it ever since for drying and shaping my brushes, It does cut down the drying time. It is like a leathery material, easy to clean. I make sure that i place the dry and shape where the brushes are facing down so that water does not get inside the barrel of the brush loosening the bristles. I really love how it shapes my brushes, it is like I am purchasing them again. I really recommend that people would get this product for their brushes, it is totally worth it. !

Antonio Z.

I've had the DRY'N SHAPE for months already so time to review it. I find myself using this evry time I can, but like evrything, has some down sides as well as some good ones... What I like about it is, the DRYING time of the brushes, whuch is around 3 to 5 hours, somparing it to just leaving your brushes over night this is a great score for sigma. Obviously this will vary depending on the brush size. It is very well made, the durability of this "drying tool" it's been good, for not saying great, just a few stitches have come off, but nothing to worry about. Has not changed color, doesn't get the brushes to smell funky, so that's a plus. A great thing is you get different size elastic-things/bands. Is very sleek looking. Now the bad side to this is that some people might hate that is a bit hard to clean, the slightly smell is has, nothing to worry about though, I am sensible to smells and it's not a big bad smell. If there was a thing I could change, it would be the size of the "drying bands' because I find I use more smaller brushes rather than big or medium size, so yeah I'd more smaller ones!