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Blending - E25

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Kim S.
good for the price!

This is great for the price if you buy the whole brush roll that is but if you purchase seperately then you might as well shell in and get the real deal. HONESTLY even though I love this brush, I still use the MAC brush any day over this one but it still works but it just isn't the same and you can never dupe a MAC brush in my opinion. It doesn't blend like the MAC brush and the brush hairs are shaped differently and picks up colors differently as well. I'm not saying don't get it but if you do have the money then just get the real deal because I still use MAC but I also use this for other things as well. All in all any good artist could work with anything or make anything work!

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Sindy L.
Must Have!

I got this brush (the travel size) as a sample at IMATS this year and I love it!! Its definitely a must have sigma brush it blends so well and so soft! I agree when people say it works better than the MAC 217 (a similar version) Love it! =)

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Lisa C.
Best Blending Brush

This is the BEST brush, It really does the job, It is fantastic a blending out colors, it works better then the MAC 217 and that is saying something because not many brushes are better then MAC brushes.

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Katharina W.

I have the travel size one and it works amazing! for blending, applying eyeshadow or other things! I just love it! and it's cheaper than the same one from MAC

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Amy H.
All time favourite brush!

This is my all time favourite brush! You can use it for lid colour, crease colour, blending, inner corner & highlight! Super versatile brush and a must have eye brush! Also, it comes with every sigma purchase over $30, so I have tons of these (:

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MsToi L.
The Perfect Blending Brush

This is my new favorite blending brush. The brush has a flat design so it fits perfect in the crease for more precise color placement and blending.

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