Shu Uemura

Stage Performer Instant Glow


Jenny J.

i love this stuff; i can't think of anything else quite like it. it's not a moisturizer and not a foundation, but also lighter and more of a perfecter than a tinted moisturizer. if you're on the go and do not require heavy coverage this is a nice thing to just slap on as it's a self adjusting (maybe a little powder too if you're not too pressed [pun intended!] for time) and it's good for your skin. i also like to use it as a primer on those foundations that i don't like the finish of (i.e. they sink in my pores, dry me out even more, etc) because it works as primer but doesn't have that thick, my-skin-can't-breathe sort of feeling of a lot of primers out there have. also, it smells lovely, which is a bonus. i think it has orange peel or something in it for brightening which aids in making this smell wonderful.

it's honestly one of those things that i wasn't 100% sure what i was getting myself into when i bought it--when i read the description online/read the reviews i thought it almost seemed like it would be a tinted moisturizer, but it's definitely a unique product and has multiple uses!