Shu Uemura

Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium a/o Advanced Formula For Aging Concerns


Andrea R.
Love it so much

I got a sample of this. Was able to use about 5 times from that small packet. I used once and all my makeup was gone, my skin felt smooth and wasn't dried out. No tightness. Overall it's an amazing product.

Puda H.
Removes makeup like a boss!

This is easily one of the best skin cleansing products I have ever used. It effortlessly removes all of my face makeup in one go. (sometimes I need a little extra for my eyes if I'm wearing a lot on them) Not only does it leave my face feeling remarkably clean, but I don't feel any tight or dryness afterward... and it's super dry during the winter where I am. I thought that because I'm prone to breakouts and have an oilier skin type this might contribute to my skin problems, but so long as I take the time to rinse properly I haven't had any significant breakouts since using it. I recommend this product to -those in drier climates.(dry or oily skin) -those who wear heavy makeup and seek and deep good cleanse that isn't too labour intensive