Perfect Mascara Defining Volume


Victoria D.
Not a fan!

I've really been looking for a good mascara, and had high hopes for this one, but it fell completely flat once I wore it. It's quite clumpy, and something about the texture is almost, sticky feeling. I wore it for 12 hours today, and through the day it felt like it almost never completely dried. It felt heavy, and kind of gooey on my lashes, which really irritated my eyes. I'm not sure if I just got a bad batch or what, but even thinking about putting it on my lashes again nearly makes my eyes water and itch. I think this is what it would feel like if one were to put straight up tar on their lashes. It was also difficult to remove for me, even though my normal remover (Purity by Philosophy) normally takes of everything in one swipe. I'll never mistreat my eyeballs with this again!

Nic L.
Perfect Brush and Blackest Black Color

I love this mascara brush and the rich color. It gets to the base of the lash line and coats the lashes amazingly with the richest black color. The only downside is that it will clump on you if you don't apply it quickly before it dries. I must say that I love the way this feels going on, it's hard to explain really.