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Precision Pore Cleansing Pad

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Stephanie M.
The best

It is a Great investment! I use it everyday and it helps me get every spot on my face really well. My pores and face look better overall. I definitely recommend.

Amanda Y.

My skin is pretty sensitive, but the bristles on this are really soft and gentle! I use this along with a creamy cleanser, which creates a lot of foam to help bring everything to the surface :p After that, I use a damp microfiber cloth on my damp skin and it gently lifts away all the debris! This method helped with my acne a lot, but using this pad alone and using the cloth alone didn't work to clear my skin.

Nicole H.

This was an impulse buy because it was so cheap but love it! I use it with my face wash every time I'm in the shower and it just seems like it cleans better then my fingertips. It's great and gently on your skin.

Nadine K.

I love this pad because it cleans and also cleans better than your fingers. Its not harsh on the skin, and it really removes my makeup really good. I have 3 words for this product...I love it!

Laura W.
Great for gentle cleansing

I like this for gentle daily cleansing and the opposite side has a suction cup handle for easy handling and sticking it to the wall of the shower. It says it deep cleans and exfoliates but I disagree with that claim. My washcloth does better exfoliation than this pad. It is for gentle cleansing not exfoliation or deep cleaning.

Korie S.

I am really into taking care of my skin now especially because its summer. I had always wanted to try a cleansing system like Clarisonic or the Olay Pro x Cleansing System, but they were pretty darn pricey.

I went into Sephora one day to take a look around and noticed this cute pink scrubber and it immediately caught my eye. I reminded me of the L'Oreal Go 360 Clean scrubber, which I have always wanted to try too. When I saw the price of the Sephora cleansing pad, I got so excited! I tried it out that night and there's only one word to describe it, AWESOME! It felt so gentle and did not irritate my skin which is great for daily usage. After I used it, I felt happy because it felt refreshing and it really did feel like my skin was getting cleaned without it being super rough. This product for $5 is no doubt a great buy and I would definitely recommend this to others!

Christina T.
Super gentle cleansing pad that you can use everyday with any cleanser
Photo of product included with review by Christina T.

On one of my random Sephora trips during the summer, I saw this little pink cleansing pad and it totally caught my eye. I reminded me of the L'Oreal scrublet pad which I have been wanting to try. SInce the Sephora cleansing pad was only $5, I thought "Why the heck not?" I could not be happier with my purchase! I use a pump or two of any cleanser on the pad and lightly swirl it all over my face and neck. Since the bristles are so soft, I use this nearly everyday and it has not irritated my skin once. The back has a suction cup so you can stick it to your mirror when you're not using it, which I find pretty handy. It's a little tricky to get use to holding the pad at first since it slips around, but you'll get use it. If my face is feeling dull in the morning, I add some cleanser & cold water on the pad to refresh and wake up my skin. This cleansing pad is a great skincare tool that I absolutely love and if I ever lose it, I will definitely be repurchasing.

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