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Long Lasting Eye Liner


Komal D.
Bold and Beautiful

I have to say I am a HUGE fan of this liner. I am definitely someone who likes liquid liner better than gel and most pencils, and this product is kind of the reason why. Sephora's liner is so smooth that it works on every kind of style I want. Whether I am doing a simple application of liner for the day, or using it to get that perfect smokey look for going out, the liner glides on perfectly. Even over eye shadow, this liner doesn't falter. And the colors are so bold. Not only are they bright, but they are also very full and vivid. If you decide to wear a dark blue, it will look like that shade of blue and not turn into looking like black (which has happened in the past). Every color is so unique and vibrant. I absolutely LOVE IT.

Enis S.

After several years of trying out different brands of reasonably priced liquid eyeliners, this one is my all time favorite. The formula dries quickly, the brush makes it easy to apply, and it only cost about $10. It's easy to take off with make-up remover. I have bought this product about 5 times now and will continue to buy it. I will even try out the other colors available!

Valeen N.

This has got to be one of my favorite liquid eyeliner! I have tried so many that have ended up smudging but this is a winner for me! It is so perfect to hold and so easy to create a perfect cat eye look. My favorite is the fancy blue color!

Kaitlin K.

This is my absolute favourite liquid eyeliner. I've been using it for years and adore it. Everything about it is designed perfectly from the tip to the handle--it's easy to hold, the perfect size, and easy to control. Best of all, the formula stays put for a long, long time, but is easy to wipe off and doesn't stain the skin like other liquid liners I've tried. I have it in several colours and use it practically every day.

Naomi D.
Naomi D.'s Review Image

I love liquid eyeliners in this type of tube, so when I walked into Sephora and saw this huge display with EVERY possible color, I was so excited. I wanted to try one out first, so I purchased the gold in-store, then when I fell in love with it, bought 7 more colors online. The liner is so bright and pigmented, goes on VERY easily, and last all day, night, and "morning after." It is definitely worth the price, because a little goes a long way! (In the picture, I put some of the eyeliner next to Urban Decay's "BAKED" eyeshadow, for comparison.)

Ashley M.

As Luna V. states in her review, I too gave up on liquid liner after a few tries with varied products in the past. Since then, I've jumped from pencil liners, to gel, to "graffiti pens". However, I got the hankering to use liquid eyeliner for the clean-cut looks it produces and decided to give it another go with this particular brand. I've only had the liner for about 2 days, but I love it. In fact, I had it on all day today, and it did not smudge or run at all. I recommend using the felt-tip applicator brush, as it is flexible and easy to use, and not too big as some other applicators. It offers a thin and precise line, as well as thick, bold ones, and assurance of precision and stability.

In the past, I had problems with my liquid eyeliner not being pigmented enough, but this liner is as pigmented as pigmented can get. I am very happy that I invested in this product and confident in giving it 5 stars.

Piper O.
Works wonders!

works very well for me, it has a sharp tip so i can apply it smoothly and the color is very dark and look good, it also lasts all day. recommend it to all you ladies :)

Dezzi C.
Long lasting

This eyeliner is very pigmented and long lasting. I really like it. One thing, I wish the applicator brush was a bit thinner. I am a huge fan of winged eyeliner, and I found that it was difficult to have a super thin winged look. Not sure if it was just a production mistake or something. Otherwise, its pretty great.

Luna V.

I gave up on liquid liner for a long time. I hate the felt-tip applicators in most, pen tips are dodgy at best, and typically, brush-tips are difficult to control. However, I've always had good luck with Sephora liquid liners (including the Kat von D autograph liners, which are also produced by Sephora).

I got this in one of their Beauty in a Box sets for Halloween. I was a little wary at first because there appeared to be a lot of liquid on the brush, but the bottle makes it very easy to control the amount on the brush itself. It applies smoothly, without any damaging stretching or pulling to the lid, and dries quickly enough (though it dries best if blended out with an angled brush). I've previously had problems with liquid liner "cracking" on the lid, but I have not yet experienced that with this formula.

All in all, very nice basic black liquid liner, great for everyday use.