Sephora Collection

Lash Plumper Mascara


Jessica G.
Great if you combine it with other mascaras

I got this as a present. By itself it doesn't really give much volume. It takes quite a while to dry between coats also. But I started mixing it with my waterproof volumizing mascara and it gives a great look. I apply 3 coats of the first and the finish with a coat of this one. Your lashes look full and curled. You have to be careful they don't stick though because it's really hard to fix. Great for a natural look.

Tuane M.

By far one of my favorite mascaras to use. Doesn't clump and it separates your lashes as you apply it. It definitely gives me the look of false lashes without the spider look. It also extends your lashes.

Sarah F.

Great applicator, doesn't clump my lashes. I got a good coverage of my lashes, but not much volume. It is great for a very natural look, darker than a transparent mascara, but lighter than a really good dark mascara. I use it on an everyday basis, when I don't want to wear much makeup... But not great for an evening of a party!

Drea L.
It's ok.

It coats my lashes well & doesn't clump. Separates well & apples great on my lower lashes. The problem is... it doesn't "plump" well. Not much volume. I will use this as a 'just-in-case' thing because it's not terrible, but I wouldn't buy this again.

Kristina H.
really REALLY not impressed.

I have the sample size of this (came with a rewards thing) so I thought, "why not?"

Yeah... plumping what? I don't think so, it is just black mascara with a plush brush. At least that is all it seems like to me. It didn't clump though so it isn't horrible. It just isn't really worth buying. If you get it for free in a rewards thing, that's cool... but I really wouldn't waste any money on this. I just see myself using it if I am traveling for a day and I run out of all my other samples of other mascaras that actually do something. I'll give it another go and try again I am sure. I like the big brush, it just doesn't do anything.