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Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art

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Izzy F.
Pretty and cute packaging

How could anyone not love this cute packaging?! I forget the name of the color I bought but it was a black with very fine duo chrome glitter. The glitter is gold/green. It looks gorgeous with the black. I paired it with the Orly Rubber Bonder basecoat and Seche Vite top coat.

Connie Y.

Because of my obsession for hello kitty & glitter nail polish I had to get purple sprinkes. It's pretty & it lasts a really long time. I really love the hello kitty glass packaging! Honestly I have enough nail polish but I only bought it because I love hello kitty! haha

Chelsea S.

I really enjoy this nail polish. I LOVE hello kitty, so this bottle makes me like it even more. i really love the blue colour. its very pretty. and it also has a pretty good cover, and you get a good colour in one coat :)

Katherine Y.

I’ve been a huge Hello Kitty fan since I was a little girl so I had my mom purchase this for me and send it overseas. If I had seen these polishes in person, I would have definitely opted out of buying them.

The colors are appropriate for the upcoming Spring season. The glass Hello Kitty container part is adorable. However, the handle of the applicator is really cheap looking. It looks like some silver handle that would be on a child’s toy.

As for the product, it does have an opaque coverage with just one coat. I always apply two coats and a top coat. However, less than two days later, the polish is chipping off! I am a big proponent for pricey nail polishes like OPI or Orly’s but only because when applied to your fingernails, your manicure should hold up for at least last a week. I really can’t justify spending ten bucks on a nail polish that will only last two days at the most.

Kathleen N.
Cute packaging. Great coverage even after one coat.
Photo of product included with review by Kathleen N.

Blueberry is my favorite color-a solid, creamy, pastel, periwinkle blue. Formulated without the the Big 3 harmful ingredients: toluene, formaldehyde or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP). $10 each.

The Liquid Nail Art includes five pastel colors: yellow, blue, pink, sheer pink and green It also comes in clear and there are two with a sheer hint of color (in either pink and purple) that are loaded with glitter.

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