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Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara


Zafira  V.
Favourite mascara ever

There is nothing bad a I can say about his mascara. I love the formula and the brush. The formula isn't too wet, which is great as the product holds the curl of the lashes. As for the brush, it's perfect size for pretty much any eye, and the wand bristles are perfect for long, clump free lashes.

If you can get your hands on this mascara I 100% recommend it.

gee m.

I find the formula of the mascara to be some what dry it’s not really a wet formula but it does what I need it do. The brush is really nice somewhat of a big brush that does a good job at separating my lashes, no clumping, curves my lashes some and I have not experienced any smudging. As for lengthening my lashing my lashes are already long so for the most part any mascara I use will make my lashes appear even longer because of the black color enhances my lashes.

The cost of this product is $15.00 at Sephora

Tricia L.

I really enjoy this mascara. I like the size and shape of the brush a lot. It goes on pretty nicely. I hate clumping and it doesn't. I have really short lashes and it makes them look really long.

Jes T.

Doesn't last very long unless you have an eyelash primer, but while it is on its gorgeous. I get so many compliments, someone even asked if I was wearing fake eyelashes :) I love ittt. Will definitely buy again.