Sedona Lace

168 Pro Full Color Eyeshadow Palette


Jessica G.

The picture on the site looked misleading because when I received mine in the mail, the palette was smaller than it looked online. But I absolutely LOVE this eyeshadow palette! My rating for this is off the scale. The colors are bright, vibrant, and bold and the it's not expensive AT ALL. You get 168 beautiful colors for a fairly low price and they stand out great. Love it!

Tania M.
Bold Colors

I just got.mine about two days ago, and it is lovely! The colors are very pigmented , amd u get just about every color under the rainbow. It comes.out even brighter once you use the sedona lace primer! I may add ,that its very affordable too!

Jessica M.

Great vibrant colors, Everything you need in a small palette! Great for Makeup artists of all levels! (beginner to professional) Can be used for colored liner! Mixes and dilutes well! :)