Live Colour XXL


Emilee L.

I've used this product for years and it's always shown good results. I've tried out all the colours and they have always worked perfectly on my hair. The best thing is they always leave your hair smelling and feeling amazing!

Shorifa  B.
XXL red passion

XXL hair dyes are really good if you want to pick a coulor that will work well and LOOK NICE i recomend you red the red passion one i think... But i knoe its a type of red that isnt like WOW her hair is sooo Light RED its nice dark red that shines in the light :D The best hair coulor would be Dark brown :D if it blond Well it will be WOW Light red

Maggie D.

When i used to dye my hair red, this was probably the best i found at a supermarket! The results are vibrant and the colour lasted for about a month before fading, which is amazing considering red is a difficult colour to maintain! i suggest this to anyone dying their hair red or purple for the first time! (:

Iva L.

I don't like how red colour looks on my hair (it's darker and it has violet undertone) but I love the silkiness of my hair afterwards. I will definitely buy another product of Live Color XXL but maybe next time in brown..:)