Sarah Jessica Parker



Kimberly R.
My go to scent!!!!

First of all, I love Sarah Jessica Parker and this NYC scent is so Sex and the City! I love love love love it! I use it every single day and can't image what life was like without it. I will continue to buy until it's no longer available. And even then, I'll search high and low for it :)

gee m.

I have been wanting this fragrance for a while now and I finally purchased the gift set at Kohls for $14.00. This fragrance is so girly and has quickly become one of my favorite scents. The fragrance does remind me of the Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers so if you are a lover of that fragrance you are sure to love the Sarah Jessica Parker NYC.

Diana G.

we have this perfum out at my job on display the bottle looks so cute its pink and has accouple of other prints on it. its a good size i dont actually own the product but im planning on buying it soon im hoping it goes on sale along with another new perfum out i want it in my collection instead of sprayng the tester every time i go to work

Gianni W.
Lovely scent, stays on for hours!

I really really love this fragrance. The most important thing is that it lasts for many many hours. If I put it on in the morning before going to school, you can still smell it at the end of the day. The scent is pretty strong but I like that. I also love the packaging, it's very cute and girlie with the pink and all the different prints. I have the smaller bottle, you can easily carry it around in your bag. Not that you have to reapply it, but still :D

Jennifer K.

This perfume is definitly one of my favorite perfumes. The scent is very sweet but not overpowering. The little case the bottle's in is so cute! It's a perfect scent for everday!

Megan U.

Yummy! This perfume smells really good, like strawberries! I like it for summer, just because the smell is sweeter. The packaging is so cute, and the scent is flirty and fun! I do wish it would last longer...

Chastity P.

Worth buying and if you can get the set, you better splurge on it. It's a womanly scent and it's perfect for a night out or dinner + cocktails. Even if you wanted to feel sexy during your 9-5, it will keep you feeling fabulous! I love this for a gift and definitely for myself!

Shannon M.

I was surprised how much I really enjoy this perfume. It's florally but has a sweet undertone. I generally avoid sweet smelling perfumes at all costs (they make me feel sick) but this one wears VERY nicely an compliments my body chemistry very well.