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Brow Defining Kit


Anita R.
I Use It Everyday!

I bought this eyebrow kit at walmart because I needed one for a job that came up. I ended up really loving it! I use this instead of using the more expensive eyebrow kits. This was only about $8-9 compared to $35 or more.

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Lilyana D.

I saw this eyebrow kit while shopping at Walmart, I had been wanting to try an eyebrow powder and when I saw the price I thought I could try it without spending too much money if I didn't like or I couldn't learn to work with the eyebrow powder because I had never used one before. I'm sooooo glad that I did!!! The instructions were simple but once you start using the product it's not so intimidating. I especially love the eyebrow grooming pencil because it helps accentuate the arch of my brow but it helps clean up any "mistakes" that I see, plus you get the angled brush included and that brush alone is about $12 to $15. I really do love this product, and would recommend it to everybody.