Sally Hansen

Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener


Vanessa M.

This made my nails extremely brittle...I used it for a really long time, and once I stopped and started using Vaseline instead my nails became a lot healthier. They're now much stronger, don't peel, and are growing really quickly! seriously...just use vaseline.

Tia B.
Its working for me

My nails are just horrible rubbish right now because of acrylics and I find that this does what it says. I've had it since my nails were way longer and needed strength because they kept breaking, right now I use it as a base over top of my treatment and I find that my polish lasts at least 4 days before I start plucking it off. My nails seem stronger when its applied and while I know that nail care starts with what you put in your body this seems to be aiding as well! I use it in all my manicures

Paula T.
Pretty good!

There is always polish on my nails, and sometimes it takes its toll on the strength of my nails. But after trying this strengthener, my nails have gotten instantly stronger and healthier. They do occasionally peel still, but I don't think there's much I can do to combat that. I use this product as a base coat and a top coat, and it adds a great shine to the top of my nails. I strongly recommend this product!