Sally Girl

Sparkle Effect Loose Glitter


Amber J.

I do a dark lip where I line and fill in my lips with jordana's lingerberry. Slick on a deep berry lipstick,the pad on the sally girl purple/pink glitter. It looks awesome and if you can stand to not rub your lips together, lasts FOREVER. My profile pic features the look I just described on my lips.

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Victoria D.
Perfect Glitter!

For a mere 99 cents, these glitters are absolutely gorgeous! Paired with Sally's glitter adhesive, they'll last on your eyelids (or wherever) all day! Of course the is always fall out when dealing with just plain glitter, and it could do with the adhesive, but, at the end of the day, I don't end up with an entire face-full of glitter, and dull eyelids. And that's what matter to me!

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Mindy D.
Not bad!

I purchased several of these on my last trip to Sally Beauty. I have the green, purple, and silver shades. The silver is actually kind of fab, but the purple has too many green colour flecks. It honestly appears more green than purple! :(

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Dani C.
Gorgeous but not as good as pricier glitters.

I love the colors, and they wear really well, but on the bottle it says not to use on lids or lips which has me worried. Works well on nails and is easy to remove.

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Shadow L.

i bought this and i love it it reflects well complementing other colors as well, i wore this to a black light party and it shined green its looked amazing just and over all good color and i like that it doesnt fall into my eyes like a lot of other glitters do

Dallas Lynne S.

I have the Silver Lining, Midnight Blue, and Lavish Lavender and I would have to say these loose eye glitters are amazing! I love to use them with maybe the same colored eyeshadow or maybe its complementary color...either way these glitters look amazing on eyes. Not only on eyes but you could also use it for face or effects on nails. Either way, you're going to glitter and shine!

Zelie P.
cute glitter

I own so many of the colors. I haven't used them on my nails yet but I love putting a little on my cheekbones if I feel like being extra glittery or I'm doing a more extreme look (or I just feel like it!) the best part is how cheap they are.

Temperance L.

I have midnight blue, It cost me .99 cents. I also bought the glitter glue, Sally's make and use them together. I wore this without eyeshadow underneath and it looked as if there were. One thing is that if you use more glitter than glue you end up having to rub it on and that irritates your lids, so watch out for that. This makes awesome liner though