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Vinyl Lip Lipgloss

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Kendra H.
This is not for me

For years I've been in search of a lipgloss that isn't sticky and actually has some lasting power. This is not it. It stuck to everything, wore off super easily, and left a weird filmy feeling on my lips. I really wanted to like this since I love most Rimmel products, but it's the same as most glosses: too sticky, gets everywhere, and absolutely no lasting power!

Kirin S.
Very good!

This is a great product. After using this product, my lips were super glossy and definitely appeared to have more volume. A really nice colour also. I also liked the brush that came with this. Makes it very easy to apply with precision. This gloss doesn't dry out the lips. I would recommend this product.

Ruth B.
Wonderful!! :)

This product is amazing. I love lip gloss and was suprised to find that the formula was not sticky at all. It also smells beautiful but the smell isn't overpowering. It's fantastic for the price and you get a lot! I love it. :)

Lowri P.
A tad sticky

I love the colour range of these lipglosses and they give you a natural looking lip colour. But I really hate the applicator because its a bit 'furry' for the stickiness of the gloss. And when I've applied it my hair sticks to my lips which always annoys me:((

R N.
Perfect Lips

I can't stress enough how much I love this lip gloss! I love it so much and I went to buy some more but I can't find any :(! This lip gloss gives the natural, perfect look that finishes your make up off. This lip gloss is amazing and I need some more because my make up isn't complete without adding some of this on.

Sakina B.

I don't use lipgloss, only lip balm, but I actually wear this instead now! It's so yummy, shiny and moisturizing. I was given the sheer shade and it has a lilac shimmer to it, really nice. I'm still not sure which color would look good on me other than this 'clear' so I be looking to buy another gloss; I'm happy with this one.

Well worth it! Go~

Nirmala P.

BEST LIPGLOSS EVER ! I would rate this a 10/10 since it works the same way as a lipstick,but it's a lipgloss! :) It stays on a while and its not too sheer nor too thick. Really do worth the wallet !

Lucy H.

it's rare that i'll repurchase a product. i love trying new things and try not to limit myself too much to one lip gloss or one specific lipstick but i really love this. I was given it as a christmas present but have recently brought again- i love it!

I'll be honest with you, the smell isn't amazing. I'm quite fussy when it comes to smells but thankfully it isn't very detectable when on the lips. Though i guess that's just a personal opinion, it isn't THAT bad of a scent to the point where you wouldn't put it on your lips. It's a great every day gloss and isn't horrible and sticky like quite a lot of glosses i've tried. Generally stays on well and i don't find myself reapplying every bloody minuet.

(i have shade 101)