Rimmel London

I Love Lasting Finish Nail Polish


Yolande P.

I really love the brush on this as you just press it down and within one stroke that is one layer of nail polish.I was not so keen on the nailpolish itself,it was not terrible but not as good as some other nail polishes I have. Final thought,it is a nice product.

Eve  S.
Photo of product included with review by Eve  S.

I love rimmel nail polishes. I have use several colours including disco ball, oh boy your so fine and my favourite mind the gap victoria. I recently used mind the gap victoria to do newspaper nails and i was very pleased. It worked very well and looks good. Here are are my nails using rimmel polish

Emma B.
It was good

I liked it but it was just like a bog standard nail varnish, i think they exagggerate by long lasting because this only lasted about 3 months. I think the price is fine though beause i found it for £5 in ASDA So basicly its nice and everything but nothing really special

Amber K.

Rimmel London's I Love Lasting Finish nail polish is really great - it goes on smoothly and it lasts for longer than most of my other polishes. I have this polish in 054 You're A Cracker (orange) and 045 Misty Jade (misty green) and LOVE them both. Definitely recommend getting this polish if you're looking for a lovely wide brush that makes it easy to apply, a super smooth solution that eliminates the stress of even nail colour, and a long lasting finish!