Rimmel London

Hide The Blemish Concealer


Lauren E.
Pretty good

I bought this because I didn't have enough money for my usual concealer, and I was actually pleasantly surprised. For the price I assumed this product would be amazing, but it was a lot better than I thought. It provides good coverage and it does stay put for quite a while, although it does go pretty shiny after a while, so you need to keep it matte with powder. Other than that it is a pretty good concealer, and it's a fab price too.

Aoibhinn M.

Love it - it was first conceler but it was amazing it covers blemishes and eye sacks with easily - perfect to carry around on journeys or days out - friends noticed a difference in my moods as I was happier

Ailynn A.
hide the blemish!

I seriously love this concealer! I bought this a few times already. I like how it covers my spots and all the imperfections on my face and it didn't break me out. It has medium to heavy coverage which I love. It's not too pricey although I had to order it online cos it's not available in my country. I would really recommend this concealer. :)

Ann E.
I love it!

This was my first concealer and I was quite hesitant to get it. A few of the makeup products I had were either too cakey or did not suit my skin tone. When I first tried this concealer on, it matched my tone perfectly and covered up all my imperfections and dark circles. I also use it as a highlighter on my nose and does a great job. The price was great as well! Many of the concealers I'd find would be pretty expensive and do a terrible job (a total waste of money!). I use this in my makeup routine and Im loving it!

Katie H.
Good coverage but could have a better finish

This concealer is good at covering any blemishes, dark circles or redness and really provides full coverage, but it's somewhat difficult to blend under your eyes and it's quite shiny. You have to really stipple on a fair amount of face powder over it to matte it out and make it look more natural. It also does occasionally have the tendency to crease underneath the eyes. Overall, it has great coverage but doesn't really give that flawless face look.

Vanessa C.
Not Bad, Not Bad.

Picked this up when I needed a concealer a few months ago, and didn't want to spend very much money. I like this, it does a nice job of covering and doesn't crease under my eyes or feel thick, and doesn't emphasize any drier areas of the face. Also, I believe it's under $5.00, so it really is great for the price.

Charlotte L.
Not too bad.

This concealer stick is ok. It does the job, and it does match my skin tone. However I find it quite heavy on sensitive parts of my face like under my eyes. Sometimes I find it difficult to blend in properly because it's quite thick. I prefer creamier concealers where I can go thin layer at a time building it up.

Makeupluv J.

I really liked this but it didn't blend very well but it covers up. They should really make a bigger one so people won't run out of it quickly. But overall I really liked it!

Rachel R.
Great concealer stick! Blended well.

Used this concealer stick awhile ago, but loved it. Covered well, blended marvelously, and gave medium to full coverage. I used it when my acne was very bad, and it did not irritate my skin or make my breakouts worse. The skin tone matched mine well, and it did not feel too heavy or look caky. I would recommend this to a friend, and would use it now if I needed to!

Hannah M.
Coverage is great

i got this concealer when i was in 5th grade but never really used it. I kinda 'rediscovered' it in 6th grade and have been using it ever since! the coverage is great and stays on almost all day. the only down fall is that you should set it with some powder, so it doesn't look as "oily" (it's not really oily just creamier than some concealers)