Rimmel London

Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover


Kristen T.
Not the best

It worked alright for removing eyeshadow, and it took off some of my NON waterproof mascara, but still left some residue. And it didn't do much at all when I tried it with my waterproof mascara. Definitely a pass.

Kimberly M.
So glad I bought this!

It removed my eyeshadow right away. However, it didn't do as well with my waterproof mascara. But I'm OK with that, given the price. I used it to remove eyeliner on my waterline and it didn't sting at all! It also didn't give me the "blurries" as oily removers do. I've been looking for a non-oily MU remover; this one is going in my kit!

Cat L.
I like it!

Its a good make up remover. Doesn't burn your eyes and its inexpensive. Unfortunately it does require a little elbow grease to get waterproof mascara off. But eye liner, brow liner come off in an instant.

RachHeather C.

This Is My Regular Makeup Remover, ReBuy This All The Time, You Don't Have To Scrub Really Hard To Get All Your Makeup Off And It's Genle On My Sensitive Skin, Great At Getting Waterproof Mascara Off Too So No Panda Eyes When I Wake Up Or Makeup On My Pillow. Great Product xXx

Kimberly O.
worked great

Worked great and removed everything. Best part of this product is that it doesn't require you to scrub the eyelid and lashes in order to remove make-up. It doesn't leave a nasty residue either.