Rimmel London

Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner


Lindsey G.
Good colour

colour can fade quickly if not used with primer. My first liquid liner so it is easy to use though I had a lot of practise. before getting it and I love makeup a lot. So it may depend on the person. personally I love it.

Lindsey G.

recently got it and so far it is an amazing product which is easy to put on and the liquid itself is long lasting. I can see myself making a repurchase of this depending on how long it lasts for the price

Lauren E.
Almost perfect!

I have this in the waterproof version, and it's pretty good. It's provides super black colour, and it stays on all day. I had a bit of difficulty putting it on, because even with the product on the brush, it's pretty dry to actually draw with, making it harder to keep the line crisp. Apart from that I would really recommend it!

Isabella A.

omg works so good i used it to try on my coustume amd it goes awesome and im gonna be minnie mouse so ot looked wonderful with the red dress so awesome

Angie M.

SIMPLE and easy and it looks so nice (: i like to open it and let it dry for a few seconds so its not soo wet and it wont smear so easily that way either, good product i like it.

Leah P.
My Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Finding an affordable liquid eyeliner was a struggle but the price was brilliant! The smooth applicator brush was definitely what I needed to make my favourite winged eyes stand out. Application is quick, easy and lasted quite a few weeks, considering the vast amount that I apply it. This eyeliner is now one of my favourite products that I use almost everyday.