Rimmel London

60 Seconds Extreme Nail Polish


Nadia N.

This is a very good nail polish for people on the go. It dries very very quickly like they advertize. I love the colors and they are definitely bold. The only real bad thing is that they do chip pretty fast.

Sara R.

Bought it for about $3 and I got what I paid for I'm not really a fan I only used once and it chipped sooo fast! I don't think i'll be buying one of these polishes again.

Holly K.
liked it

I love the color!! It only took about two coats for it to be opaque but i did 3 just to be on the safe side. The polish never looked streaky at all. I wore it for about 1 school week (5 days) and i only noticed minor tip wear, and there was a little chipping on them from when i helped my parents plant flowers. As for it drying in 60 seconds... it didn't. It did dry much quiker than most other polishes which i liked but the drying time was more like 5-6 minutes for completely dry nails.