Rimmel London

1000 Kisses Stay On Lip Liner Pencil


Kendra H.

This is my go to lip liner! I wear red lipstick almost everyday and this lip liner is my total go to! It doesn't dry out my lips, it has great color payoff, and the product glides on easily and evenly. It easily goes over Chapstick which I use to hydrate before applying red. It's a great shade of red that can go under almost all the shades I own! It's extremely important to have lip liner when you wear red and I haven't found one that is the same great pigment and formula as this one! I have used 2 or 3 of the other colors as well and I adore them too!

Karina F.

My favourite lip liner. I actually use this all over my lips. I really like the colour I got, it has little speckles of gold but they're not too obvious. It stays put throughout the day and the pigmentation is great. However I think the packaging is a little tacky.

Carline C.
i love it

i've had this for so long, it last so long and is hard 2 come off so you just know it will on all day night, this red pops , i don't use it as a liner but as lipstick and it does a dramatic change

Janel B.

Purchased this lip liner in Tiramisu after watching MasqueradeMakeup use this product in her videos almost all the time, and these lip liners are amazing. First of all they're very smooth and glide on nicely, secondly, they're pretty pigmented, and lastly they have amazing staying power. They're now one of my favorite lip liners. :)

shandy e.
My Favorite Lip Liner!

This is simply wonderful lip liner! The color is divine - it sharpens well, goes on smooth, lasts forever and is extremely economical. I usually buy several of these pencils at a time, as I can not live without this amazing product. http://freebeautysecrets.blogspot.com

Jaclyn G.

I use this lip pencil all over my lips and then put either chapstick or lip gloss over it. It literally lasts all day and it's not drying like I thought it would be when I first tried it. They have great colors too. My favorite is 004 Indian Pink.