Nail Color Remove Pads


Alicia H.
Soy ya say...

Soy...not my beauty supply store 100% pure acetone I've learned is tried and true but SOY - you say, to remove my nailpolish???

My first thought was that this must only work with the RGB nail polishes being that they contain a lot of non-harmful ingredients whereas my super non-chip generic brand needs the "good" stuff to take it off.

Good, meaning paint thinner, of course. Not "good" as in "good for you" or rather even, effective, non drying, nor smelling like your nose hairs are burning off that is the RGB Nail Color Remove. I was in awe rubbing (gently, even, mind you) my reddest of red nail lacquer off with these pads. One pad and my hands were clean - no left over pink hues - nothing.

Tip: When using the pad, apply a single layer to each finger and toe (if doing both mani and pedi) and let set for a quick second before gettin down and dirty in the removal.

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Debra K.
First Take, OK But Not Great

I have just started using the RGB polishes as I love the 5 free formula. I purchased the box of RGB Remover Pads and used them for the first time yesterday. I found the pad to be both drier, and smaller, than expected. I followed the directions (apply, set, remove, rinse) which was a bit challenging as the remover pad was quite dry. As promised, I was able to get the polish off of my nails with one pad - although I did have to use some regular acetone to get the polish off of the fingers. I'm hoping that the packet is just dry, and that others will work better. Being in packets makes it very convenient to travel with the product.