PhotoReady BB Cream


Elizabeth F.
Another great drugstore buy.

This is a great, fragrance free formula with very adequate amounts of both mineral and synthetic sunscreen agents in it. The texture is very smooth and blendable and meshes well with skin without the use of primer underneath. It does impart a dewy finish so, as mentioned in other reviews, you may want to top with powder or skip this one altogether if you have oily skin. As with other BB creams, all three shades of this product are very lightly tinted. You will want to follow with concealer to hide flaws. But, if what you're after is a little glow and good sun protection, this product might be right for you. Certainly a good buy for the price.

Mitch R.
Great, quick fix

I enjoy the consistency of this. It makes a one stop cover up easy to do, rather than applying layers. I do notice that after hours, it can show oil. Pad it down or put some powder on top and it looks good as new. I notice my skin a lot brighter and my tone a lot smoother since I started using this- and I'm a GUY! It covers up want you want covered and moisturizers work at the same time. Definitely would recommend. Check into your skin type before you go trying things out!!

Katie  C.
Good coverage with out being too thick

I love this foundation! It is the first I have four that matches my porcelain skin tone. It have good coverage and covers my acne, but doesn't feel like wax. I love how it has a lightly dewy finish, but doesn't make my skin look or feel oily.

Beck H.
It's okay.

I like Maybline's new dream stuff it's better. But anyways I haven't used it a whole time but it's a little heavy. The colors are hard to match with . . . Skin colors? Hahaha not that great.

Retno S.
not for me
Photo of product included with review by Retno S.

it makes my skin looks oily and just in couple of hour my skin looks darker than my undertone. makes me look dirty. i've use revlon for almost 8 years and i think this is their worst face product.

MacKenzie B.

I used this product a lot in the summer. Not great coverage and little greasy but it felt light on my skin and it worked great as a sunscreen which is pretty much the only reason I used it. Who doesn't get sweaty in the summer? So the greasiness didn't really matter that much. Probably wont repurchase, or even finish the tube for that matter.

Rebecca C.
Super heavy!!

This bb cream is more like a foundation. It is very thick and super heavy. Don't even get me started on the sent, it has a very strong sun screen sent. I don't like that I don't know if you do but I don't

Cynthia T.
worst product

I have dry skin and even with powder to set the bb cream, it looked greasy. Not "oily" but straight greasy. complete waste of $. I thought it work as well as its photo ready foundation but it wasnt even close. this one was a complete miss

Mama Day T.
Not what I was expecting

Lightweight coverage indeed - if THAT. It was more of a moisturizer than anything else. Unfortunately, this product made me really greasy within a few hours of being in the office (I wasn't even outside in the heat!). I have combination skin.. more on the normal side. I personally didn't like it.

Jani M.
For a drugstore BB Cream, this is surprisingly amazing!

I've been on the Western BB Cream kick for a while, but I never quite find the one that matches my skin tone correctly. The Smashbox one is too dark, and the Garnier one is too light, however this one is perfect. I'm actually using the shade Medium, and although it looks too light, it blends in seamlessly. it actually evens my skin tone, and like every other BB cream on the market, it has SPF in it, which is a plus since I live in the Sunshine State. This will be a staple in my makeup routine for summer!