Crazy Shine Nail Buffer


Bekah D.

I first had a chance to sample this product when I was given a much smaller version at my local drugstore and It worked so well! Before using this product I was using the DeadSea Minerals nail buffer and it did work but it was $60 for the set! This product is only about $6 and I found that it worked so much better. Its actually pretty big too! It left my nails with a beautiful healthy looking shine for about a week, the only thing i do not like about using this is that it makes polish application really hard, you have to almost buff the shine out completely before you can paint your nails or it wont dry properly.

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Brooke-Lynn D.
I Find No Use For It

i dont find this tool helpful for my nails i was given a mini on in a magazine so thank the lord i didnt have to buy it.. I am not sorry how much this is originally and i didnt see the CRAZY shine that it claims to give