ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen


Yolanda N.
Not good

I bought it because it looked easy and it seemed it wouldn´t smear, but not at all, it doesn´t go on good on top of powder shadow it just goes uneven, and the color is not the blackest black it more gray.

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Shania  Anne C.
I love it!

I havent had the money to buy the Kat Von D. So i was like "what the heck" and bought this one instead. I honestly think it's better! It doesn't flake and smudge by the end of the day like the Kat Von D because of my ... Oily (?) eyelids. So i might buy my second pen when it runs out!

Lilly A.
In Love

I don't remember where or when I got this, but when I tried it out at first I hated it. Then I watched a youtube video on how to use liquid eyeliner. They recommended a felt tip, and I decided to use it. I fell in absolute love. I tried it out for a whole day and it stayed on. This is the best liquid eyeliner I've ever had. I definitely recommend this product to everyone.

Marilyn C.
Fave Eyeliner

I love this eyeliner. You can do an easy fool proof cat eye in no time. It lasts all day and yet is easy to take off. Yes, as many as stated, it is not too dark as other eyeliners but you can easily build up to get a darker black.

Monica L.
LOVE it!

Glides on so smoothly and it very compact sized for on the go! Its also very inexpensive and very simple to use. The color is good and perfect for school. I love this product. Recommends this to everyone.

Meagan A.
Great Eyeliner Pen!

Just recently purchased this product and I love it! The pen glides on smoothly and the color stays put for hours! The price is very affordable and it's a great product for a cat eye. Would recommend it to friends :)

Calla B.

I really like this eye liner. It makes using liquid eye liner much easier for me because of the pen tip style. It lasts on my eyes and doesn't wear off.

Abrianna R.
it takes awhile.

At first when i used this product i didnt like it at ALL , it was grey not even black. but when i started using after about 2 or 3 times it started geting darker and now i love it !

Mabelle B.
I actually liked it!

I see almost everybody complaining about this eyeliner, but with all honesty, I actually really liked it.

The felt tip is thin but not too thin. The colour is really black (and does NOT appear grey). It glides on smoothly and I can do a perfect wing with this.

The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't last ALL day. Yes, it lasts quite long (as compared to many other hyped over eyeliners) but I just wish that it lasted the entire day.

Though, it is smudge and water proof.

Overall, I love it!

Novinda B.
Great pen for lines, but not for longlasting wear.

From my experience, this pen is very good at creating lines. It is very easy to use and glides on wonderfully. The con? Well, the name suggests colorstay, but in reality, this product won't last more than 10 minutes if you don't layer many times. The color eventually fades throughout the day, but it is fairly smudge-proof. The formula is one i commend. It is better than a lot of other liquid liners (not pen liners) that I've tried, but you really have to build it to get it to a nice black color. Other than that, it makes drawing the winged eyeliner a lot easier.