ColorStay Eyeliner


Shelley W.
There is a Sharpner

I've been using this for several years in black/brown and never realized that it comes with a built in sharpner. Discovered it today as I bought yet another pencil. Now I love it even more. It definitely sticks around for the long-haul and works like a dream in my waterline. No smudging or drifting off to other areas of my eye area. I hope to check out the other shades from this particular collection of pencils.

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Katie H.
Great for everyday wear :)

I like this eyeliner because it's very easy to apply and smudge out to soften the line with an eyeliner brush, but doesn't tend to smudge or come off during the day. It's very pigmented compared to a few others I've tried, and overall I'd say it's a good buy.

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Alexa M.
Only eyeliner I need!

I use this in dark brown on my lashline and waterline and to fill in my brows. Highly recommended. Bought this after watching a makeup guru review.

Pros: Long-lasting Pretty much waterproof, not completely; you won't look like a raccoon if you happen to get wet Very pigmented Retractable liner is ideal for lining eyes and filling in brows Little hidden sharpener in the back if you want a thinner line

Cons: It tends to crease on me, but I'm pretty sure it's cause of my oily lids So nothing much really

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Danielle B.
One of the better eyeliners I have used.

This is a really good eyeliner. Doesn't smudge easily but comes off at the corners of my eyes after a little while. Lasts better on water lines than most. Isn't quite as darkly pigmented as I hoped though. Overall good liner.

Kayci B.
Long Lasting

I have to say this is one of my favorite eyeliners. I use this one in black, and it last all day. I love that it is a twist up pencil type and comes off easily. Also it is very affordable so you won't break your pockets on this one.

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Whitney H.
Withstands Anything.

This eyeliner is my HG. I use it in the shade black-brown. It subtly defines my eyes while staying on for long periods of time. What more can a girl ask for?

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Katherine S.
Colorstay Stays

Great staying power! I've put it on in the morning, sweated through a vigorous workout in the afternoon, taken a shower, and it was still there in the evening. Doesn't stay well on the waterline, but other than that, it doesn't budge. Comes off easily with a Q-tip. It's a little firmer than some liners I've tried, but I still find it very cooperative to put on. Good pigmentation as well, and it smudges easily. Comes with its own attached sharpener, which is easy to use. It's affordable, and one pencil seems to last forever. My favorites are Blackberry, Charcoal, and of course, black!

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Melanie G.
Great eyeliner!

I wasn’t sure about this eyeliner when I first purchased it. It seemed to take forever for the color to deposit onto my waterline. But once I started using it regularly, the pencil became much more soft and easy to apply. Its a twist-up pencil, so no sharpening is really needed though it does come with a sharpener. As for lasting all day, I'm not so sure. I wear it on my waterline, and while it does seem to last a while its definitely not there when I get home from work. I'm not sure any eyeliner will last that long on the waterline. Its still a great eyeliner though!

Sofia C.
best eyeliner Ive ever tried

I havent tried too many high end eyeliners, but nothing can get better than this stuff, so even if I found something comparable..the cost of this would obviously render anything high-end obsolete. I am finally able to line my waterline! It really is waterproof and smudge free..only thing is that youll need a good eye makeup remover for this! Awesome staying power. I only wish they had it in colors like nude or white.

Julie Anna V.
Best Eyeliner Yet!

I love eyeliner! It was the second kind of makeup I use (first being lippies) and I love how it makes your eyes do defined. I have a tendency of tearing up a lot when I yawn, which is almost all the time, and people always ask if I'm crying when I'm really not.

I did not like using pencil eyeliner because it would smudge too easily from my tears. I stuck to liquid eyeliner, then came the Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner. It's smudge-proof and actually water-proof! I tried swatching it and took a lot of rubbing for it to actually fade. :) No Panda Eyes for me!

I have the Brown shade which makes me have a defined, but a natural, soft look, perfect for University. :)

I would definitely buy this again. :)

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