Colorstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow


Katrina L.
Great for grunge.

If you're all for grungy smokey eyes, this is a great, semi-inexpensive option for you. I usually put the cream colored shimmery shadow on my browbone and inner corner, the khaki-colored shadow all over my lid and lower lashline, the shimmery bronze I use as a blending color on the outer crease, and the matte chocolate color in my inner crease. Doesn't stay very long (the irony, as it's called Colorstay) the colors are also very pigmented.

perfect neutrals

The Addictive palette is part of my everyday look, whether I use all four colors or even just the top two colors. I get compliments each time I use it. From my mother, a friend, and even a random cashier lady at the store.

Melissa J.
Nice pigmentation.

The pink shade in the Goddess quad is absolutely beautiful. The formula is almost true to it's claim of 16-hour wear, but wearing some eyeshadow primer really helps with its staying power. I work long hours and I can't tend to my eye makeup throughout the day.

Kaity R.

I like this pallet a lot, the shades are really good for natural looks, it's easy to use, the colour stays on well on my eyes and for the price it's really good quality. I like all the colours and they all complement each other well, the pigmentation wasn't great but its not too bad either.

Blair M.
A very beautiful and unique eyeshadow quad

I was first turned onto this eyeshadow palette after watching GlamLifeGuru's $20 Makeup Challenge on Youtube. I love the colours in this quad, especially the two shades on the left side. I would say the star of the quad is the bright purple shade in the bottom left corner. They are all nicely pigmented and apply evenly. I don't know if they live up to their claim of 16 hours of wear, but they definitely lasted on my eyes all day (however I did use a primer and eyeshadow base). Overall, a great eyeshadow quad, I don't have any other like it.

Jessica J.
Review for specifically Bombshell

I have one of the neutral ones, but this one (Bombshell) was crap when it came to pigment. The yellow doesn't even show up, and the silvers in this just looked cheap on (even though this product was not cheap). I was really disappointed. I'm hoping to exchange this color for another one and I hope I have better luck with that.

Kaitlin J.

I love these colors! The addictive pallet is very neutral and is very light on the shimmer which is nice. I always use this with a primer though so I really don't know how long it stays on without it but with the primer it stays on for several hours. The colors I chose are a very natural shade so the vibrancy of it isn't alarming which is expected with the one I chose.

I totally recommend this!

Jessica B.
great color selection

I've only ever used this with a primer, so I'm not sure if their 16-hour claim is true, but I love the colors in this palette. They recommend using the darkest color (bottom right pan) for the crease, but I find the look too harsh. Instead, I use it as a liner and it makes a huge difference, and follow the rest of the guide as is. This is my go-to eyeshadow for work as it is inexpensive and stays put all day with no fallout. It's worth a try.

Abbie T.
Love it, and it does last long!

I originally got this color palette because I love bright colors and they're in season now, which is conveinient. (: I use this palette alot because it really DOES last for very long time! Also, the colors are bold enough to make a statement, but without being too overbearing. I do admit, I was at first a little hesitant to wear a few of the colors by themselves, but it turned out great! I really want to try the other colors in the 16 hour color stay quads. I would sooo recommend this to everyone!

Holly V.
Photo of product included with review by Holly V.

While I initially thought these colors would be to hard to wear in an everyday daytime look I was pleasantly surprised when I finally started experimenting with it. The colors are bright and decently pigmented but they don’t look outrageous on the eye. The dark blue/navy shade looks gorgeous when used to line the upper and lower lashes and makes a gorgeous look all by itself. As I got more courageous though I added the mint green all over the lid (but not going above the crease) and then darkened the outer v with the turquoise blue. Add the cream color as a higlight and you have a wearable daytime eye. Initially I thought this palette needed a brown shade to anchor it but once I started using it I stopped worrying about having a neutral to play with.

The package states that these shades should last 16 hours. Without a primer I got a good 10 hours of wear from these, but I did have some considerable creasing with the lighter shades after a few hours. However, if you use the navy shade as a liner it will last all day.

When I used a primer these didn’t crease at all and lasted until I took my makeup off. The cream shade had the best texture out of the 4 colors but all applied easily and blended without any problems. The brighter colors go on a bit sheer at first but are easy to build up. These do have a bit of shimmer to them but nothing overly glittery. I also had minimum fall out.

Things To Know:

1. These colors look intimidating at first but are actually easy to wear. Don’t pass this quad up just because you are afraid of color!

2. There are no matte shades in the quad but the glitter isn’t overly noticeable on the eye

3. I find I got the best wear out of these when I used a primer

4. The navy makes a gorgeous liner! I wear this around the upper and lower lash line and then apply a bronze eye pencil to my waterline. It’s gorgeous!

I really loved this palette and the formula of this Colorstay quad. I’m definitely going to be checking out the rest of the quads available in this line!

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