Calcium Gel Nail Hardener


Holly K.
My nails look great!

I recently got acrylics for my prom. The nail tech that did mine did not know what they were doing and damaged my nails badly. They've been breaking and peeling like crazy. which is not normal for me because i've always had strong and pretty nails. So i bought this hoping for it to help that and it did. My nails are back to their old selves... which ironically is healthy, long, and shiny. I'm really happy with this buy.

Elaina Y.
Not too impressed

I bought this to protect my nails since I do wear nail polish all the time. I wasn't too impressed with this formula because it made my nails too hard. To a point that a slightly rougher knock to my nail actually made the whole thing clip off (to almost my nail bed). I think if you have really weak nails this might help you since it does help to make your nails hard and that will give more strength to them; prevent breakage as well. I still use this sometimes if I notice that one or a couple of my nails have started peeling, it helps to strengthen them from further damage. I think before you purchase this just consider first what condition your nails are in currently.