Blackhead Remover

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Monique S.
It didnt work well

I tried this one because of the Revlon standard and reputation. It did not meet my expectations. The tool is flat all the way to tip. Making the chances of scabs and dark marks much more probable. Sephora makes a remover with curved ends, making the extraction markedly easier and much less invasive. I have had my Sephora black head removers since 1997.

Heather H.
Prevents skin scrapes

I've had this handy little tool for 2 years now and I use it mostly for blackhead removal. I use the outer edge of the smaller side to press the blackheads out. Before this tool, I would use my nails with tissue and I would occasionally scrape my skin, leaving embarrassing scabs on my skin. This tool has totally eliminated the scrapes and easily removes those nasty little blackheads.

My only issue is that I wish the handle was a little larger and round instead of small and flat.