Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense


Noelle M.
Unlike other oils

Unlike other oils this is made specifically for Medium and Coarse hair types only, that's not to say if you have fine hair you can't try it.. but it's targeted for medium to coarse. I have fine hair and I use this. You just have to know how to use it. One of the things i really hate about this product has nothing to do with the product it'self, moreso the packaging. As chic and expensive as it is and default I find with is is the packaging.. there are NO directions about this product on it. So if you're new to this...and you don't save the box for the're gonna be all about the trail and error of this. The directions are only on the box. other then the name of the product the bottle has NOTHING on it. So if you're just out willy nilly like trying something new because it sounds awesome and you're not having someone help you figure out how to use this, you may hate it lol.

Reason is.. this is 100% oil. It is literally one of the only oils i've come across like this. It's actual oil! concentrated oil. It's nothing like most oils on the market which explains why it's $40.00. Most oils that I've experience on the market are basically hair serum oils. They are 100% absorbed into your hair, leaving little to no traces of itself behind. This however is concentrated oil(i can't say that enough). In fact redken videos on how to use this product properly warn you that you should only use at the most 2 drops of oil for almost all hair types. More then that and the oil will 1) make your hair look wet) and 2) weigh it down). You can use this much like the argan 6 oil from redken which has upto 6 uses. This one you can use in all the same ways..but also as a dry body oil for when you're getting out of the shower. But even as an additive to your conditioner to make it a deep more then 2 drops. This stuff is awesome, you see beautiful results with tons of shine and it has a nice smell, not perfumey, but more men's cologne like. Clients love this, and one bottle is going to last you years..(assuming you're only using 1-2 drops at a time). Pretty worth the money. But again.. just be careful that you don't use too much(less is definitely more with this!) and you read the box carefully before you toss it. The Gold bottle is for medium hair types, the black bottle is the "intense" for coarse hair types.