Colour Extend Shampoo


Alyssa T.

I use in the salon daily. it smells so good and works great for keeping color longer. I love that it has uv protection. Something that I recommend to my clients.

Noelle M.

This shampoo and conditioner are very rich...if you're an oily haired girl you may not love this. While it is hydrating, and it does maintain your color...I find it's a little too heavy and rich for my hair which is baby fine hair(but not thin).. When I use this I have to wash my hair without fail EVERYDAY. even with a dry shampoo I still don't LOVE LOVE this. However, if I have a client with dry hair...or "aged" hair that gets colored, this works well. It's just a little too moisturizing for my hair. But it does a good job, smells good and lasts a long time.

Emilie G.

I like all Redken products, I personally have used the color extend more than once and its a good shampoo, buts its not amazing! It's that shampoo I use if I'm out of what I'm currently using and I need to use something until I can go get something else. Overall its good! xoxo