Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

Stippling Brush

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Meagan  M.
I found difficulties yet such a great brush

I bought two of these brushes plus some others off of this brand. I actually had my first stippling brush fall apart. Maybe it was the cleaner I was using for it was not right. Or the fact that I use it for foundation because I found that works best on my foundation. Most use it on liquid blushes and even powders. I believe though that you can use it any way you like. I push this brush to new levels because for me it works very well with my liquid foundation. I have used so many foundation techniques, brushes, and sponges. Nothing compared to this brush. I did have a second incident where the brush handle broke the second day of using it. I checked online and no one else had that problem. So, I still was able to use the brush. It still gives a great finish to my foundation. Personally, I have had way to many mishaps (some on my part) with this brush. However, I would still recommend the brush for those who want to use it for simple actions like blushes and highlighters.

Kenna  S.
Great brush, great price!

For the price of this brush, I definitely feel that you get your money's worth. It's awesome! I use mine for liquid foundation, blush, and even blending my contouring! There are so many uses for this brush, which is another reason I love it. I got mine at ulta and was a little hesitant to buy it but I'm so glad I did! I bedazzled mine to give it my own touch too heehee 💕👌

Chelsea M.

As a person with fairly dry skin brushes aren't always a good tool to apply foundation with. I had heard many good reviews about this brush, which made me rush to my nearest suppliers to buy it. When I apply foundation with this brush I always have to go back in with my beauty blender or rub it in with my hands , as I am always left with streaks on my face because the brush isn't dense enough.

Nikki R.

Such a awful brush and I'm surprised by all the positive reviews. Literally every single bristle fell out of the brush on to my face. Do not recommend . If your looking for a cheaper alternative use elf

Jasmine S.
Best makeup brush I've tried

Real techniques done a phenomenal job with all of their brushes! This one was the one I always wanted to try but never got round to buying it. Finally I bought about 2 wks ago and I love it! It gives you great coverage and puts an even amount of product on your face.

IkRaAa M.

I love this for the days I don't want a lot on this gives me the naturalist coverage I also use it for cheek tits I really love it it always give you flawless finish

Lyndsie  T.

Great to have in collection affordable great to use with mac fix+ Great for some blush and or bronzer some liquid foundations and buffing things together so there is no harsh lines great line of brushes to get into synthetic and sometimes sales in local beauty stores

Emily M.
Absolutely love it!

I really really love this brush, it gives really good coverage with liquid foundation. I used to use a 'classic' foundation brush and have tried all different types of sponges. This is my favourite foundation brush, it doesn't shed any hairs and gives an amazing finish. I would recommend to anyone!

Natalie Y.
Good Face Brush

This brush is a great face brush for all cream or liquid products. It is a duo-fiber brush so it has a light touch. It's bristles are short enough that it doesn't bend. And the handle is very nice because you can set it upright on tables if you are a makeup artist.

Sinead F.
I love this brush!

This is a great brush, it really lets the foundation lie naturally on the skin and if you dab it, it can build extra coverage in the areas you want. I can't wait to get more from the range!