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Emily T.
Love them

I was given these as a Christmas present and I use them all. The foundation brush was a little small for my foundation so I use it for concealer instead(which it works great for!). The contour brush is great for doing contour and blush. It is peaked it the end to get a sharp line which you can then blend out. The small eye shadow brush it quite stiff so I use mine for gel liner. The powder brush( the name has ribbed off:() is great fir blending contour out, and putting on light blush. The brushes have many uses and are amazing!!

Shannan A.
Must have.

Ok, yes there a but pricy, but these brushes are fabulous. And they're so soft and lovely. I recommend that you use buy them if you need makeup brushes.

Emily B.
My most used brushes!

These brushes...are amazing. They are travel friendly thanks to the case it comes with. I use them everyday, they are soft,they don't shed! And they are inexpensive. What more could you ask for?!

Allie K.
Good for your collection

I'm placing the most abused brushes to the least abused

Buffing brush: *I love using the buffing brush for liquid foundation application it applies foundation quick beautiful perfect it blends it out and it's perfect no streaks. The brush doesn't shed and it's literally perfect and gives an airbrushed effect.

Contour brush: I love this brush so much it fits in the hollows of your cheeks and perfect for a contour/highlight application and has great blending abilities, no cons what so ever.

Detailer brush: If it was a tad bit bigger it would provide more use but it is a Detailer brush after all, it's great for getting I to the corners of the eyes and concealing special hard to get blemishes I don't use this brush much personally.

"Foundation brush" I'm confused by this brush it's to flat and small to be a foundation brush, I've used this for concealing under the eyes and it's okay and do able for that.

Veronica S.

The best affordable brushes in the market. They're so smooth, so tender, they work great! Worth it. I bought the whole collection of their brushes. I use them everyday, I wash them a lot and they still perfect.

Sara R.
A must have either you are an artist or just another brush junkie

I bought this a few month back and I gotta say I'm in love with these brushes they are very very soft on your skin and it's affordable that's a +++ for me

Judy N.

Love these stunning brushes. Very soft and smooth easy to blend with. Have been using them so much it is incredible. The black case that holds the brushes isn't that great.

Rachael M.

Can't express how much I love these brushes. I have had them for 5 months and I hope my collection will expand. Sam and Nic did a fab job on these brushes. Defiantly give them a go if you haven't already

Julianne J.
I don't use the whole set, but love RT brushes! I like to use the Contour brush as a blush brush!

I don't use every brush in the set- partly because I prefer to use a beauty sponge for foundation, and partly because I haven't found a use for the others, but I do like the brush that is labeled as a Contour brush. I use this brush as a precision blush blush. I like the RT Blush brush but find myself reaching for the Contour brush because its smaller and more precise. All in all, love the RT brushes. I would be delighted if they added more brushes to their collection and made them available at ALL WalMarts, Targets and drugstores! For such a reasonable price point I wish I could find them outside of Ulta or online.

Saby T.

Love the brush quality ! Its so easy to wash them and they dont shed like at all ! I use the buffing brush and detail brush more often than the others and they're my HG defo !